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When you are facing criminal charges time is important.  The charge may carry an obligation to respond within a very short time or face negative consequences.  The Walzel Law Firm is available to advise you and to help you work your way through the criminal justice system.  We are here to discuss your case, listen to you, protect your rights, educate you on the charges and possible consequences and get your case resolved favorably.  We understand the stress you are under.  Communication and knowledge will help.  Call the Walzel Law Firm.  We can put you back on the path to a normal life.

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There's no question that family law issues involve difficult decisions and complex legal issues.   If you are facing one of those difficult life changing decisions, you are aware of the stress involved and the nagging unanswered questions.  The Walzel Law Firm is here to help you discover the answers you seek, untangle the complex issues and create the solutions you need. We place client communication as a top priority to give you some comfort and ease your mind.  Call us to set up a consultation.