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‚ÄčConsultations and Payment Plans

To schedule a consultation call us at 409-838-0009

‚ÄčAt the Walzel Law Firm we know that client communication is the most important aspect of what we do.  The lawyers ability to understand the facts presented and apply the law to those facts is a hallmark of his legal ability. This is true from the initial contact between the attorney and client until the final resolution of the case and throughout the litigation process. Nothing is more important to our success then communication.  To fairly evaluate your case communication is key.  The Walzel Law Firm offers free telephone or e-mail consultations whenever the attorney is available or by appointment.  We also want to be available to answer any questions that you may have even if you do not intend to retain the firm.  If, after you have had an opportunity to discuss your case with the attorney by telephone, you wish to have a personal consultation or you have additional questions, we will set up a one hour appointment at your convenience. The Walzel Law Firm charges $100 for a personal consultation.  If you choose to retain the attorney during the consultation or in the future, the $100 will be credited to your account. Call us at 409-838-0009 to set up a consultation or make an appointment.  

Payment Plans:

We realize that legal services can expensive and often times are unplanned events.  We offer a number of ways to pay for our services including the acceptance of credit cards, monthly invoicing and, in limited cases, we will do what we can to work out a payment plan. Each client's needs are considered individually and no one is entitled to a guaranteed payment plan.  But if you are in need we try to be sympathetic to those needs and will do what we can to help you.  Call us at 409-838-0009.